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Walt Disney Treasures: Cronologia do Donald - DVD-R Dual Audio - Completo

Nome Original: Walt Disney Treasures
Direção: Walt Disney
Lançamento: --
Duração: 289 Min.
Qualidade: DVDR
Áudio: 10
Vídeo: 10
Formato: ISO
Tamanho: 4,3 GB em Média
Ídioma: Português e Inglês
Legenda: Embutida

Em 1934, Pato Donald fez sua primeira aparição em A Galinha Sábia e já roubou a cena com seu jeito esquentado e impaciente. Agora, pela primeira vez, você poderá curtir todos os filmes animados e desenhos estrelados por ele, desde Donald e Pluto, de 1936, até Chef Donald, de 1941.

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Parte 02
Parte 03
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Lista de Episódios:

Volume 01

Disco 01:
Curtas Pato Donald
1934: The Wise Little Hen; 1936: Donald and Pluto;
1937: Don Donald, Modern Inventions, Donald's Ostrich;
1938: Self Control, Donald's Better Self, Donald's Nephews, Polar Trappers, Good Scouts, The Fox Hunt, Donald's Golf Game;
1939: Donald's Lucky Day, The Hockey Champ, Donald's Cousin Gus, Beach Picnic, Sea Scouts, Donald's Penguin, The Autograph Hound, Officer Duck

Bonus: Publicity and Memorabilia Gallery, Story and Background Art Gallery
Easter Egg: Clip from The Reluctant Dragon (4:24)
Disco 02:
Curtas Pato Donald
1940: The Riveter, Donald's Dog Laundry, Billposters, Mr. Duck Steps Out, Put-Put Troubles, Donald's Vacation, Window Cleaners, Fire Chief;
1941: Timber, Golden Eggs, A Good Time for a Dime, Early to Bed, Truant Officer Donald, Old MacDonald Duck, Donald's Camera, Chef Donald;

Bonus: "The Man Behind the Duck: Clarence 'Ducky' Nash", Easter Eggs
Easter Egg 1: Clip from The Reluctant Dragon (2:15)
Easter Egg 2: The Volunteer Worker (A Donald short) (2:40)

Tempo Total: 310 Minuteos (5 horas, 10 Minutos) /
Disco 01: 170 minutes (162 - Curtas, 4 - Introduções, 4 - Extras)
Volume 02
Disco 01:
Curtas Pato Donald
1942: Bellboy Donald, The Village Smithy, Donald's Snow Fight, Donald's Garden, Donald's Gold Mine;
1943: Donald's Tire Trouble, Flying Jalopy;
From the Vault
1942: Donald Gets Drafted, The Vanishing Private, Sky Trooper;
1943: Der Fuehrer's Face, Fall Out - Fall In, The Old Army Game, Home Defense;
1944: Commando Duck
Disco 02:
17 Curtas Pato Donald
1944: Trombone Trouble, The Plastics Inventor, Donald's Off Day, Donald Duck and the Gorilla, Contrary Condor;
1945: The Eyes Have It, Donald's Crime, Duck Pimples, No Sail, Cured Duck, The Clock Watcher, Old Sequoia;
1946: Donald's Double Trouble, Wet Paint, Dumb Bell of the Yukon, Lighthouse Keeping, Frank Duck Brings 'Em Back Alive
Bonus: "A Day in the Life of Donald Duck", "Drawing and Talking 'Duck' with Tony Anselmo", "The Art and Animation of Carl Barks", "Timeline: The War Years 1941-1945", "The Volunteer Worker", Galleries Closing Thoughts
Tempo Total: 230 Minutos (3 Horas, 50 Minutos)
Volume 03
Disco 01:
16 Curtas Pato Donald
1947: Straight Shooters, Sleepy Time Donald, Donald's Dilemma, Crazy with the Heat, Bootle Beetle, Wide Open Spaces, Chip 'An Dale;
1948: Drip Drippy Donald, Daddy Duck, Donald's Dream Voice, The Trial of Donald Duck, Inferior Decorator, Soup's On;
From the Vault: Clown of the Jungle (1947), Three for Breakfast (1948), Tea for Two Hundred (1948)
Disco 02:
14 Curtas Pato Donald
1949: Sea Salts, Winter Storage, Honey Harvester, All in a Nutshell, The Greener Yard, Slide, Donald, Slide, Toy Tinkers;
1950: Lion Around, Crazy Over Daisy, Trailer Horn, Hook, Lion, and Sinker, Out on a Limb;
From the Vault: Donald's Happy Birthday (1949), Bee at the Beach (1950)
Bonus: "The Many Faces of Donald Duck", "Sculpting Donald", "Donald Duck on the Mickey Mouse Club", Galleries
Closing Thoughts

Tempo Total: 263 Minutos (4 Horas, 23 Minutos)

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